Anti-Corruption Richmond Sheriff Candidate Targeted

My name is chris dorsey. I am a candidate for Sheriff in the city of Richmond. I have for years publicly opposed unlawful actions by government officials, agents of international NGO, and  their banking controllers.  I have been featured in local, national,and international TV,newspaper,and radio outlets.  I was a co-plantiff in a Federal Court case in which a “Judge” with the assistance of the local BAR Attorneys in Richmond covered up rampant election fraud.  In many cases there is video proof of these facts.  As a result of using my Constitutional rights I have been the victim of many physical attacks, countless threats, and regular anonymous slander.    On June 26 I got a call from a neighbor telling me that Homeland Security and Secret Service agents were walking around Granite Ave. in Richmond asking unusual questions about me.  I immediately went home and called WTVR CBS 6 to document this.  I had no idea why Secret Service Agents would be bothering my neighbors or me. The video speaks for itself however there are two things I would like to point out.  At 2 min 6 sec in the agents betray themselves as belligerent showing that their action lacks good faith.  Another exhibition of deception is asking me who mailed the secret service a letter that could be easily fingerprinted.  
Below is the video:
These Federal agents handed me a letter that they allege came to them anonymously.  It contains outrageous claims.  Among false claims in the anonymous letter states I have threatened Obama, Dwight Jones, Bobby Scott, and CT Woody. Below I will post media accounts of my interactions with these individuals who I view and publicly refer to as low to mid level  puppets for higher level controllers like Ben Bernanke, Jeff Lacker, Eric Cantor, and Paul Goldman.  Below is video and other media stories featuring myself and the people mentioned in the slanderous letter.
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